Frequently asked questions

Can we come visit the puppies?

Yes, we welcome you to come visit the puppies at 6 weeks and again at 8 weeks. They will be ready to go home at 9 weeks.

What are the different sizes of Australian Labradoodles?

Miniature 14”-16 Mediums 17”-20” Standards 21”-24”

What kind of coats do Australian Labradoodles have?

Since we only breed Multi-Generational Australian Labradoodles, all o ur puppies will either have a fleece or wool coat. They can have curly fleece coats, wavy fleece or straight fleece. We prefer the fleece coats because they require less grooming than the wool coats.

What's the difference between a male and female dog?

Generally speaking their ins't much difference if they are spayed or neutered at a young age. Male dogs are usually more affectionate however females are just as loving however tend to be more independent. Trainers believe females are easier to train because they mature faster and are less easily distracted, however males have a higher tendency to please their humans. If you have children then either can be a loving companion, nevertheless, some believe female dogs make a better choice because they may be more naturally nurturing and protective of young ones. I have been told that female dogs get along better with cats because theor personalities match a cats personality better, so if you are a cat person that is something you may want to consider. If you already have a dog you should probably look for a second dog of the opposite sex due to dominancy issues but that usually occurs more often with two females than two males. But truthfully, the personality differences between individual dogs are definitely greater than that which may exist between the sexes. It is better to choose a puppy based off the temperment that will fit best with your family and your lifestyle. We temperment test all of our puppies at 7 weeks old using the Volhard method and will help you decide which puppy best suits your family and your lifestyle.

Are Australian Labradoodles good with children or people with special needs?

Absolutely? We chose this breed for our family because we had several friends and family members that had one and we fell in love with their personalities! They are playful, loving and fun to be around. Our children adore these dogs and these dofgs adore our children. I am a registered nurse and care for children with special needs I would recommend one of these dogs 100x for any person with specail needs. They are very intuitive and easily trainable. They make great therapy pets for autism, epilepsy etc. They know when its time to play, time to listen and time to be serious. They don't shed so they can sleep with them, travel with them and you never have to worry about the dog shedding and bothering others with allergies.

Do Australian Labradoodles need a lot of exercise?

No they are happy just hanging out with their humans. They are not hyper dogs however they do enjoy a good run around the yard or a walk down the street.